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Helix Performance Clutch Kits For Dual Mass Flywheel

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Helix Autosport Complete Clutch Kits consist of:

  • A cover assembly / pressure plate
  • A driven plate
  • A release bearing
  • A flywheel (If stated)

The advantages of purchasing a kit rather than parts are:

  • Kits are cheaper than all of the parts. 
  • Other manufacturer's parts may not be compatible with ours.
  • Only one part number.

Please look at the different types of plate which we sell and pick the one for the application which suits you.

Organic Drive Plate:

  • Best suited to road applications
  • Can be used for light competition / low torque engines
  • More comfort in engagement & better feel
  • Least prone to judder
  • Low inertia (Lightweight)
  • Available with rigid hub for aggressive driving
  • Available with sprung hub for progressive feel

Cerametallic Paddle Plate:

  • Available in both rigid and sprung centre formats
  • Primarily used for rally and track applications
  • These can be used for race applications
  • If a sprung centre is used, this plate can be driven on the road.
  • More resistance to high energy input
  • More prone to judder than Organic Plates
  • Less prone to judder than sintered material plates
  • Smoother engagement than sintered material plates
  • 4 Wheel Drive systems can have high wear rate on road
  • Option of 4 paddle plate (low inertia) or 6 paddle plate (increased wear resisitance)


If you have seen any product elsewhere cheaper than our advertised price,
please drop us a line and we will try our best to match or even beat it!

*We will only match/beat a price on a new and exact like-for-like product available.

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