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QuickSilver Exhaust Systems

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QuickSilver was founded in London in 1973.

At this time, the average life expectancy of the original exhaust system was only 18 months.

There was a demand for something better so QuickSilver created exhausts from Stainless Steel that would last the life of the car.

Now, we produce superior exhaust systems for the World’s finest cars that are lighter, stronger, more efficient and enable personalisation.

All car manufacturers are compelled to comply with ever more stringent worldwide emission and sound regulations and now seem to apply the strictest of these to all their models.

  • We can improve on the materials used to provide longer component life.
  • Superior quality materials allow reduced weight to benefit all areas of performance.

For example our Lamborghini Murcielago system eliminates over 30 kilos and our Lotus Exige ‘Ti’ system saves 8.2 kilos – both from the rear of the car & improving balance.

If appropriate we can design the exhaust to allow a worthwhile reduction in the centre of gravity as with our Ferrari 360 and Porsche GT3 SuperSports systems.

  • We allow personalisation by providing an alternative appearance with different tail-pipe designs and polished silencers.
  • We can improve on the performance (especially on forced induction models) by reducing the internal restriction.
  • Sound is one of the most important sensations of enjoying a Sports Car. We provide the freedom to choose a level of sound that is appropriate to you.

Our ‘straight through’ silencers contain a perforated tube surrounded by a finely-woven metal sock. Made from semi-continuous (Type 434) stainless steel filaments this sock outperforms conventional glass and basalt alternatives at high temperature and is used to insulate and retain the acoustic stuffing. This is an essential component for most high temperature applications.

For sound absorption we still employ long strand Basalt filament that offers excellent acoustic performance up to 1500 Hz. It's thermal properties are comparable with continuous high temperature glass but more stable at temperatures over 600° C. This material requires rigid handling procedures in the factory.

So, for environmental reasons we are moving over to use Advantex and Acousta-Fil stuffing, these have similar temperature and acoustic properties as the Basalt .

After identifying a car that we should be manufacturing a QuickSilver exhaust for, we review the car’s performance, see how the manufacturer has designed the original exhaust and then decide how, and if, we can improve it.

Sometimes this process must be repeated but eventually, when the answer to these is positive, the newest QuickSilver ‘Sports’ exhaust can proceed to production.


Superior Materials, more efficient flow, less weight, smaller size, better sound, longer life - through the use of Titanium and Composite materials as well as different stainless alloys & innovative internal designs > to produce the result the customer wants.

Of particular interest at present is the development of a sintered stainless tubing. This is composed of compressed stainless fibres of variable densities which have the potential to offer acoustic properties within the tubing of an exhaust system - offering the reduction and perhaps even the elimination of the silencers.

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