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We offer a range of engine and gear box building services. Common upgrades here are con rod and piston ugrades for TSI and TFSI models, where the stock components are problematic or just not up to the task of higher power outputs. 

For certain models we do offer bolt on turbo kits, we do not tend to supply hybrid or modified units though due to the problematic nature of highly tuned turbos. We can offer a proffesional fitting service for your unit if you have a turbo you want fitting.

Other mods can include limited slip differentials for your transmission, we prefer Wavetrac units. These can greatly improve the driving experience, offering better grip and handling characteristics.

The list really is endless, the sky is the limit in most cases!

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Engine and Gear Box Upgrades Engine and Gear Box Upgrades
Engine and Gear Box Upgrades

Other engine and gear box related upgrades might include uprated clutches as with many things once the power is increased the stock components can struggle with the extra loads created from your other mods. Performance clutches can come with a down side though, they are not unusual to cause some transmission noises, especially when coupled with certain flywheel combinations. They also tend to be heavier, so some adjustment to your driving technique may be needed.  Give us a call and one of the guys will be more than happy to explaing all of the pros and cons.

Uprated engine mounts are a must for many vehicles, however be careful when choosing these. Polyurethane type mounts tend to be quite harsh and can transmit vibrations through the car, we prefer rubber type bases such as the Vibratechnics mounts. 

Injectors and fuel pumps may also need upgrading as well, or your fuel pressure reg. A common mod is fitting the RS4 reg to the 2.0 TFSI's just a shame they are so fiddly to fit. 

Please contact us for advice and prices on your planned mods. 

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We hold large stocks of service parts, spares and accessories, from many leading OEM manufacturers and brands. With an increasing range of parts being offered we truly are your one stop V.A.G shop!