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One of your first mods may well be the exhaust, and why not!

We have a wealth of experience with the leading brands, particularly Milltek and Jetex although we do deal with others too such as Scorpion for example. 

Turbo cars gain the most from your Exhaust upgrades, especially when you go for a sports cat and down pipe assembly. We prefer this option over the not for road use de cats as its less hassle MOT time and we find the small loss of low end performance associated with de cats effects the drive ability in real world scenarios. 

Naturaly aspirated cars still get an improvement only not as significant. The sound of the exhaust also needs to be carefully considered as some systems can be quite noisy and your neighbours may not approve! 

We can give honest advice, based on years of experience so please get in touch.

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Exhausts, Intakes and Intercoolers
Exhausts, Intakes and Intercoolers

Turbo cars respond really well to improved air intakes, REVO seem to lead the way here although there are other brands too. We also stock various panel filters from Pipercross and REVO for a wide range of cars.

Intercoolers are a must for most stage 2 upwards cars, REVO, Forge and Airtec are market leaders all fitted and supplied at MVW. 

For more info contact one of our advisors now. 

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We hold large stocks of service parts, spares and accessories, from many leading OEM manufacturers and brands. With an increasing range of parts being offered we truly are your one stop V.A.G shop!