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Improving the way your car stops and handles corners is equally as rewarding as making it fast! We offer chassis improvements from the leading brands such as Bilstein, KW and Eibach.

Whether it be a simple spring upgrade on your stock shocks or an all singing and dancing KW Coil Over kit with electronically adjustable damping we have a solution for your needs. 

Antiroll bars work well too, as well as bush upgrades and the like. We do tend to steer our customers away from most Poly type bushes in predominantly road use cars due to their harshness as quite simply they are not designed for the average UK B road. We have found that the Nolathane bushes work well in most applications and offer good ride quality as well as the performance benefits of Poly bushes without the draw backs of stiffer materials. Superpro are another great option, aswell as Powerflex however those tend to be noticably firmer than stock. We will always do our best to advise you accordingly. 

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Chassis and Brakes
Chassis and Brakes

Brake upgrades come in various guises, big brake kits at MVW from the likes of Brembo, Tarox, Revo and Forge. These are the big daddies when it comes to stopping power, for when a disc and pad upgrade simply wont do!

Performance brake pads can offer good results, coupled with decent discs. We only supply quality items such as Tarox's offerings or on a slightly better budget discs from Zero Sixty and Tarox pads. You need to remember there can be pros and cons with uprating your brakes, better pads can mean poor braking efficiency when cold for example. Some performance pads can also be quite noisy, especially when fitted with grooved discs so bare these factors in mind when considering your upgrades. 

One good, cost effective upgrade is to replace the brake fluid either with a high quality oem fluid (we only use genuine brake fluid in the work shops which performs really well) or you can go one step further with fluid from companies like MOTUL and Castrol.

Braided lines have always been popular, although the improvements on some modern cars are not as great as they used to be on older ones, they are still a good upgrade - we offer Goodridge and HEL amongst others.

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We hold large stocks of service parts, spares and accessories, from many leading OEM manufacturers and brands. With an increasing range of parts being offered we truly are your one stop V.A.G shop!