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We are super pleased to be able to offer tuned software from our partners at ECO Tune here at Midland VW. ECO Tune are one of the best tuners in the UK their reputation truly does preceed them and its an honour for us to work with them moving into the future.


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Before reading this consider any other competitors credibility if they choose to not highlight these pitfalls... we could tell you what you want to hear to sell more but at Midland VW we're not just interested in making the sale at any cost, we want you to have the best experience possible, and to be advised as best as possible too.

It is also important to understand the risks associated with any performance enhancing remap. If there are any underlying faults with your vehicle, the remap is likely to highlight these issues. This can be anything from simple coil packs or spark plugs, all the way up to more serious issues with engines and gear boxes. The petrol fuel injectors are becoming increasingly common, amongst other things. Clutches on manual cars are always a risk, worn or defective turbos are also likely to become troublesome with any performance remap. There are all sorts of possibilities! Turbos are not uncommon for failing on the MQB models fitted with the is20 or is38 turbos, particularly the pre 2018 models.

Tuning is not risk free. 

It would be reasonable to say that stage 1 upgrades are the safest, these are developed and tuned to retain as big a safety margin as possible whilst offering great performance and driveability improvements. You would be very unlucky to experience issues after any stage 1 upgrades but the risk is still there. Moving on to stage 2 your focussing more on performance, which will sacrifice safety margins a bit although with leading tuners they always tune with safety in mind. It just means the car needs to be healthy, and regular servicing and checks become more important.  Stage 3 and above the game changes quite a bit, weak points can come to light quite quickly, and issues may need addressing. Peoples driving habits are all different, so the risks and possibilities change from owner to owner even on the same car! Throw some track days in there and things will definitely start to wear out quicker, but really this is half of the enjoyment for many, building the car to a great spec to do the job you want it to do. WE will always do our best to advise you accordingly, we were established over 22 years ago now there isn't much we do not know.

Midland VW LTD accept no liability in the event of any failure during or after the remap is installed. We always data log before and after as well as carrying out a basic health check, but unforeseen issues can be impossible to predict and there is no warranty offered in the event of this type of situation. We are always open and transparent with our customers and we will happily discuss the pros and cons to the best of our abilities.


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ECO Tune Software Tuning

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