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Modern petrol engines are now running high pressure GDI injectors which can fail and cause a multitude of issues right from a rough idle all the way to a failed engine especially on tuned cars.

We recommend the injectors are tested and cleaned at least once during your ownership to ensure the engine is running as best as possible.

We are able to do this using the latest technology available. Our equipment carries out a test plan specific to the injector to simulate real operating conditions, this includes running the injectors upto 250 bar where needed. This gives a clear advantage over the traditional testing machines which only operate to 10 bar of pressure, and ensures the best possible results.

If the injector still fails after any cleaning process then the injector will need to be replaced as they are not generally repairable at that point.


Loose injectors are currently being offered at a special introductory price of £25 per injector inc vat for the clean and test.

We have special deals on removing and testing injectors from the relevant vehicle. Typically this is combined with an inlet clean using our walnut blasting machine please contact us for more information.

Typical TFSI inlet walnut blast and injector clean and test is £395 inc  vat



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Injector Testing and Cleaning Injector Testing and Cleaning

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