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DEALER Level Diagnostics & More!

Midland VW LTD strive to be at the forefront of aftermarket vehicle care to the highest standards possible.

To make this possible we constantly upgrade our equipment to keep  us up to date with the latest demands from the modern car owner and their vehicle. Midland VW have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic technology to bring us to a 'Main Dealer' level of coverage. For example we can:

  • Code / Replace Keys
  • Code / Replace Instrument Clusters
  • Code / Replace ECU's
  • Offer the latest genuine V.A.G Software reflashes / updates
  • Perform in depth diagnostics
  • Adapt and reset the various control modules

Plus lots more!

We also offer all of the retro fits, updates, coding changes for various features, miles to empty etc etc

We operate the ODIS system which is the same as the main dealers amongst other tools.

This system is not your common VAG COM system (although we have that as well) and is not to be confused with your regular garages and specialists diagnostic capabilities.

Please call or email with your requirements.

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We have an in depth understanding of the various E.C.U's, controllers and electrical systems through out the range of V.A.G vehicles, right up to the current model.

Do you have a light on your dash and your not sure what it means? Usually a permanently on light is to indicate a fault with one of the numerous control systems your car has.

We are able to carry out most diagnostic tasks, which can include and are not limited to:

  • Engine E.C.U diagnostic check - often needed when your engine management / emissions light is on.
  • A.B.S diagnostics - often needed when the A.B.S light is on.
  • Air bag system check - often needed when the Airbag light stays on
  • Central locking/comfort systems diagnostics, recoding etc.
  • Air conditioning diagnostics.
  • Recoding and matching of new electrical components.

The above list is just a small selection of examples to highlight our diagnostic service.

Our diagnostic sessions typically start at £75.00 Inc vat, this covers our 'plug in' check, road test and advice on repairs and an hour diagnostic labour if required.

We can issue you with a relevant quote for any repairs and a print out if required detailing any found faults.

What does our 'diagnostic session' check include?

  • Initial investigation as to why lights are on the dash / perceived faults are occurring
  • 1 hour diagnostic labour
  • Print out of any faults found with advice on repairs and costings where possible

If we come to a conclusion quickly we will discount diag fee accordingly ie if we only spend half hour we will make a reduction to £45 inc vat

Please email or call 01543 495700 for further info.

Midland VW are now equipped with the latest Smoke PRO machine, this clever device fills the inlet system with smoke and highlights any leaking pipes, boost hoses, inter coolers etc etc. It's simple yet brilliant design makes easy work of what can otherwise be a bit of a nightmare, detecting leaks and so on within your vehicles inlet system. Inlet leaks on your vehicle will cause a variation of issues, not to mention excessive smoke on Turbo cars, decreased fuel economy to name but a few.

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We hold large stocks of service parts, spares and accessories, from many leading OEM manufacturers and brands. With an increasing range of parts being offered we truly are your one stop V.A.G shop!