Midland VW are pleased to announce the arrival, of a new state of the art wheel alignment system.

We have invested massively in this equipment, which will enable Midland VW to precisely set your vehicles geometry. The Supertracker STR 410R unit features all of the latest technology available, which covers all aspects of the adjustability within the modern vehicle chassis.

In conjunction with the tried and tested Supertracker W.A.S.P wheel hangers, the new eight Sensor measuring system using CCD technology, has been designed using the latest static type of transducers and inclinometers. This system uses Bluetooth technology to enable each of the 4 units which are attached to your vehicles wheels, to communicate with each other and the control panel, which will give live on screen data, enabling our trained technicians to make the necessary adjustments your vehicle requires. On most vehicles this isn't just front wheel alignment, it can include front toe alignment, rear toe alignment, front camber angle's, rear camber angle's, castor angle's and more.

This may all sound confusing, but don't worry as we have the know how and the equipment to ensure your wheel alignment is spot on!

We can give you a before and after print out, the improvements of having a full geometry set up are massive, to name but a few of the main benefits:

  • Improved MPG
  • Improved Tyre wear
  • Improved road holding and safety

There is a vast difference between your run of the mill wheel alignment services offered by most garages and tyre centres, and what Midland VW can do with the STR 410R system. We can in some cases improve the settings a new car leaves the factory with, as all too often they are not right from the word go

  • Does your Car wander all over the road?
  • Or does it pull severly in one direction?
  • Is your tyre life shorter than expected?
  • Is your tyre wear un even? 
  • Does your vehicle's handling feel a little vague?

The chances are your wheel alignment is miles out and now is the time to improve this situation, your car will feel totally different when the geometry is right, should its current settings be wrong.

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